Good for You by Selena Gomez

I’m head over heels IN LOVE with Selena’s latest album from last year. I love so many songs, so many are full of encouraging messages too (I’ll be sharing more of my favorites in the future!) But today I wanna share the first that I heard and loved, “Good for You.” This is one of those songs that I madly wrote one of my novels to all last summer; sensual, airy, warm, the hip-hop/electro vibe is incredibly up my alley. I also just recently clicked with even the lyrics, so I love this song a lot!

If There’s Time || Electropop by Odesza

I listen to electropop when I’m craving a surreal high that makes me think I could ride my bike up into the clouds. Odesza introduced me to the genre, and this is one of my favorites songs of theirs. It’s light and hypnotic; the female vocals and deep bass beat completely sold me. I turn to this song when I feel like being lost and floating away in my head. ❤