Kaom’s Dream from Path of Exile

My boyfriend and I have been playing Path of Exile together since the beginning of 2017; being a long distance couple has led to a search for things to play together online when we skype, as a way to interact together when we’re so physically apart. We’ve loved playing the online multiplayer fantasy game Path of Exile together, and I discovered it’s incredibly interesting soundtrack.

They’re often very long tracks and very atmospheric, but it you’re a writer like me, that’s great news. I love songs that aren’t too short, that you can get lost in. This is one of my favorite tracks so far. It’s eery, heavy, and dark, yet uses enough percussion to keep the beat steady and engaging. I love how tingling this track sounds; you can taste the smog in the air and feel a growing apprehension build. Then it softens out towards the end, mellowing and quiet, yet still eery and sad. It delicious.


Fate: The Cursed King

I still play Fate, guys. This is easily one of my favorite musical scores from the franchise. This is the “Town” theme for “The Cursed King”, when you’re roaming about buying, selling, gathering quests. Listening to it really immerses me in the world, and as it gets going, I start to get pumped for my quests and monster slaying. XD