ABC Challenge || “O”


On My Mind by Ellie Goulding. My sister reminded me that I like this song a lot!! Especially that chorus; it sounds exactly like something stuck in your head, repeating over and over again.

Open Your Eyes by Bea Miller. This song helped me discover Bea Miller! I saw this video after googling a book series and it was it’s official video. Very beautiful song!! ❤


Oyosute Aina from Wolf Children. Another glorious soundtrack piece!! A steady ticking like a clock keeps tempo as the piano enthusiastically, yet gently, trickles up and down the scale. A soft guitar and intriguing vocals join in, creating a warm, gentle ambiance. It nearly conjures the images of summer and wafting curtains in the kitchen. At moments the song is almost loud with excitement before mellowing out again. To me, this track’s emotion, or sound, is hope. The tension of hope, the joy of hope, the peace in hope. and the expectation of hope. All in all, it’s a truly peaceful track.

Ori, Lost in the Storm from Ori and the Blind Forest. This is a recent find of mine and it is PURE MAGIC. PURE. MAGIC. PURE MAGIC. JUST LISTEN TO IT. IT’S PURE MAGIC, YOU GOT IT?!?!?!? Those VOCALS.


Ocean Princess by Thomas Bergersen. I actually forgot to share this on the first go around, but I have to include this song because it’s a LONG time favorite. Written many book scenes to it. It’s a true piece that captures “epic” especially those last 50 seconds that the song builds up. I GET CHILLS EVER DANG TIME.


Our Song by Taylor Swift. This was my favorite song of Taylor’s for a very long time and it’s still a pet favorite. Just ugh, nostalgia in this tune. I don’t even generally care for country, but wow, I’ve just always loved this song!

One Reason from Deadman Wonderland. I just freaking love this song. The anger and longing in the chorus actually clicked with a zombie novel I wanted to write when I heard it. So I listened to this on repeat during many writing sessions. It’s just rough and loud and almost animalistic. Tell me you don’t see a zombie survival story when you hear that song?😛 I have a lot of heartstrings tied to this song just for those reasons.



ABC Challenge || “B”


Blank Space by Taylor Swift. It was a toss up between this and Bad Blood, but I’m going to share this song because one of the lyrics.  “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane, cause you know I love the players and you love the game.” Taylor Swift is one of the first pop stars I’ve heard to actually address both sides of chaotic relationships. People always focus on how girls fall for players, and yet no one ever points out how much guys love playing the game too.


Battle Training from Hero Acadamia. This sounds much more like crazy romp through the countryside then superhero battling, thanks to the incredible banjo and tempo! This is such an amazing blend of instruments, from the horns, electric guitar, modern percussion, banjo and electro sounds!


Beautiful Memories by Adrian Von Ziegler. UGH THE PURE EMOTION IN THIS SONG. It’s so delicate and wistful and full of longing. To me this song is the embodiment of the emotions of love and long distance, which is no surprise as the composer wrote this for his long distance girlfriend (now beautiful wife. <3) Knowing the joys and aches of long distance love myself, I can hear and feel this song’s emotions within myself. It hurts so badly yet is worth every moment for the sheer beauty of knowing and waiting for true love.


Bushido by Adrian von Ziegler. A world music piece, also by Adrian von Ziegler. I LOVE the percussion work in this piece. It’s one of my work out songs because the tempo and beat is perfection.


Begin Again by Purity Ring. I have a soft spot for electropop. I love haunting, angsty songs in general, especially if they can loop brilliantly like this.


Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. Alongside The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast is a personal favorite Disney film for me. I love every moment of this film, but amongst all the perfection, this is truly one of the most magical songs (and animated spectacles) of the film. ❤


22 by Taylor Swift

I turned 22 today and my sister told me I just had to relisten to “22” again by the queen. ❤ Maybe I can make this theme song for this upcoming year, like “Sixteen going on Seventeen” was way back when. XD I love Taylor Swift’s newest sound, but her album was also incredibly enjoyable as she departed from country (and quite honestly country is one of the genres I just RARELY click with.) My birthday was wonderful; skyped for hours with the BF, got phone calls across the country from loved ones, ate at the Rainforest cafe, bought out Bath and Body works, and got sweet surprises and presents from my family. ❤ It was a good day to be 22. ❤