ABC Challenge || “G”


Glory and Gore by Lorde. UGH I love this song. It’s so dark and hypnotic. I really love the bridge, too.


Guts from Berserk. One of my favorite soundtracks of all time!! The theme for the lead characters, Guts, is surprisingly relaxing and otherworldly and intimate. The use of the synthesizer is wonderful.


Gore’s Theme by Two Steps From Hell. I don’t often listen to slower songs like this, but I wrote many scenes for my book to this because of its emotional elements of nostalgia. It’s a song that I can see playing during those silent moments before the dawn. The violin is just gorgeous.


Good Luck by Beast. I almost didn’t give this song a full listen through, but thankfully I waited till the chorus. That’s when the song sold itself to me. “Good luck, baby, good luck to you.” Love those moments of English when I can sing along. XD


Good Morning from Singin’ In the Rain. This could very easily be my favorite song and dance number from Singin’ in the Rain! Just wow, such a chirpy energized song! It’s just one of those instant feel-good songs! And you got a love those dance moves!