Beautiful Memories by Adrian von Ziegler

There’s a reason Adrian is one of my most favorite music composers and that I love almost every single song he’s composed: it’s because of the pure EMOTION and HEART that he puts into each piece. This song he wrote for his then long-distance girlfriend, now sweet wife, Carina. AND YOU CAN HEAR HIS LOVE AND LONGING FOR HER IN THIS PIECE. YOU JUST CAN. It’s so bittersweet. The yearning is incredible. I resonate with the emotion strongly being in a long-distance relationship myself. I can hear the pain and love because I know it myself, and it’s amazing to find something like that in a single instrument deliver song. ❤ Just wow.


Daydreams by Breanne Duren

This is a throwback song for me to around 2011. This was one of the first love songs I heard as a young teenager discovering youtube and modern music in general. This has such an airy, love-struck sound to it’s sound and vocal work. Gives me little chills listening to it again, and even makes me think of my own love. ❤


City of Stars (Humming) from La La Land

My boyfriend rented this movie for me when I last visited him, and we found it an intriguing film. Hardly perfect to say the least, but I found the two leads very charming and this song an absolute treat. I love the hummed version best, but I’ll include the original version below as well. It’s such a haunting, heartwarming melody!


Returning by Ryan Taubert (emotional music)

I found this saved my “watch later” playlist on YouTube and I’m so glad I got to revisit it. It’s first half is warm, soothing, and slow with some very gentle piano and strings. Then the second half comes in, still warm, but also full of light and hopeful and joyous. We hear an oriental influence in the melody and the tempo and beat picks up dramatically. It’s such a joy to hear the transistions in the sound. It’s truly an emotional piece! ❤


ABC Challenge || “B”


Blank Space by Taylor Swift. It was a toss up between this and Bad Blood, but I’m going to share this song because one of the lyrics.  “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane, cause you know I love the players and you love the game.” Taylor Swift is one of the first pop stars I’ve heard to actually address both sides of chaotic relationships. People always focus on how girls fall for players, and yet no one ever points out how much guys love playing the game too.


Battle Training from Hero Acadamia. This sounds much more like crazy romp through the countryside then superhero battling, thanks to the incredible banjo and tempo! This is such an amazing blend of instruments, from the horns, electric guitar, modern percussion, banjo and electro sounds!


Beautiful Memories by Adrian Von Ziegler. UGH THE PURE EMOTION IN THIS SONG. It’s so delicate and wistful and full of longing. To me this song is the embodiment of the emotions of love and long distance, which is no surprise as the composer wrote this for his long distance girlfriend (now beautiful wife. <3) Knowing the joys and aches of long distance love myself, I can hear and feel this song’s emotions within myself. It hurts so badly yet is worth every moment for the sheer beauty of knowing and waiting for true love.


Bushido by Adrian von Ziegler. A world music piece, also by Adrian von Ziegler. I LOVE the percussion work in this piece. It’s one of my work out songs because the tempo and beat is perfection.


Begin Again by Purity Ring. I have a soft spot for electropop. I love haunting, angsty songs in general, especially if they can loop brilliantly like this.


Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. Alongside The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast is a personal favorite Disney film for me. I love every moment of this film, but amongst all the perfection, this is truly one of the most magical songs (and animated spectacles) of the film. ❤


Human After All from God Eater

Ok, so God Eater was interesting in concept but I don’t remember watching it very long…but there’s was scene in a certain episode that had this song playing over it and it made it VERY memorable and sad. Interestingly, the lyrics are in English, which is really cool to hear in a Japanese production. But this is one of my favorite songs from anime; a delicate, gorgeous female vocal, plodding piano and hints percussion accentuate tempo and mood. I enjoy it’s simplicity and it’s quite emotionally moving for me. ❤