ABC Challenge || “J”


Just like Fire by P!Nk.

Just Dance by Lady Gaga. I struggled finding music for today’s post, but I’m glad I fdidn’t forget this song. Just Dance was one of the first songs I heard as a teenager when I discovered my MP3 player had a radio station and it’s remained a favorite dance song ever since.


Jungle Beat from The Jungle Book. There is truly very little great jungle like music in the film world, at least that I can find. The type of music that’s mysterious and a little dangerous and playful. I love this music, it really reminds me of my childhood growing up with this movie. ❤

Jouken Douji from Paranoia Agent. Dang I love this soundtrack and this composer. and this is just stupid fun. You just can’t find awesome sounds like this in western soundtracks. XD


Jotunheimr by Adrian Von  Ziegler. Here’s another song to which I wrote book scenes too. Adrian has classified this song as a Viking music which I think is a great description. It’s dark and dismal with some intriguing vocal work. Very dark and dreary, perfect for mood setting.


Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley. Who doesn’t love Elvis Presley? ❤


Johanna (Reprise) from Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. UGh, this is probably one the most beautiful and sentimental songs from this musical. The character Johanna represents all the innocence left in this grim bleak world of Sweeney Todd, as well representing a past happy life lost. A young man in love and her father sing to her unknowingly together and it’s just beautiful and sad.