The ABC Challenge || “P”


Problem sung by Pentatonix. I took a couple weeks off from this do to sickness and crazy work hours and all the sleeping I needed to do inbetween. But tonight I actually felt like I had time to to this! I’m starting us off with a BANG with Pentatonix’s cover Arianna Grande’s song “Problem.” Boy can Mitch rap, and they just sound incredible. I really like the original song, but this blows it out of the water.


Power to Progress from Life is Strange. I almost get chills. The strong percussion and chorus work; it conjurs up blinding sunlight and tension and running into the wind.

Portrait of Solitude from The Boy and the Beast. This song is an adventure to listen to!! Such wonderful orchestra! The brass, the cymbol, the strings, wind instruments, they just all play together in such a marvelous way. You can taste the adventure and speed.


Promenade (Walking the Dog). I’m not sure which is the title, but I’m putting it here. This TOTALLY makes me think of walking a dog, though, traipsing down the street, curious and wobbling along. It gives me some mild detective theme vibes too, which I LOVE.


Prophecy by Adrian von Ziegler. To call this a favorite song would be an understatement. I’ve loved this song since it was first uploaded in 2012 and have written many novel scenes and wandered my imagination countless times to it. It’s noble and dramatic and epic. I love the speedy violin that comes into play, too, and the gorgeous bagpipes and percussion make my ears bleed from the majesty. Especially when the second half doubles in speed. I will ALWAYS love this song. ❤

Panda Power by Adrian von Zeigler. I was actually torn between two different ‘panda’ songs Adrian had written, but I opted for this one because it’s just pure epicness and it’s simplicity works to its advantage. I love rich oriental themed songs like this, I have a hard time finding songs such as this. So I hold this song near and dear for its mind-blowing percussion and theme. ❤


Potato Head Blues by Louis Armstrong. I remember when I first heard this: I was a little kid clicking through music genres on a PC encyclopedia software game, and a clip of this song, which starts at 1:50, played through my cheap headphones. I remember being spellbound at the magical trumpet and how happy it made me feel. I never forgot the title because it was so funny, and years later when I finally got access to Youtube, I looked up Potato Head Blues to hear the full version. This era of music continues to remain one of my very favorites still. ❤


Pick A Little, Talk a Little from The Music Man. I just rewatched this film, and this sure is a little gem of a diddy. And incredibly amusing, comparing gossiping middle aged women in their feather hats to pecking chickens. XD