Trailer Music || Exodus: Gods and Kings

Firstly, this is fantastic music for a trailer. It hits all the right notes perfectly. I get chills almost every single time I listen to this song. It’s so haunting and grows to such an epic sound by its end. I love it so much. I also hold it very dear to my heart because it’s brought much of my own writing to vivid life in my imagination, more so than a lot of other songs. That sounds so dramatic, but as a writer, I cling to whatever can do that for me. I can see imagery of my own fantasies, vividly, to this piece of music. I just love that.



Chocolate by Serebro

This is another song I heard in the background of a video and I had to use my Shazam app to find the full version because of how I loved the sound. I love my dance/electronic music and this such a perfect example of the genre. I love the almost ethnic sound it has, between singer’s voice and the instruments used (feels almost like a throwback to songs like Lean On.)