Echoes in Rain by Enya

Like with most artists, I always LOVE a select few from their discography and feel “meh” or unattached to the rest of it. Enya is one of those artists for me, I love a select few of her songs. This is one of them. It’s fairly new but it’s so peaceful and plucky! I listened to this a lot during a college math class so it reminds me of that a lot!


ABC Challenge || “E”


Elastic Heart by Sia. I actually had a hard time finding songs that begin with E, but I’m happy that I eventually did track down a few favorite to share today! My pop song today is by Sia, her popular Elastic Heart. I enjoy this song a lot, but Sia is always great. ❤


The Exodus from The Ten Commandments. Grew up on this epic starring Charlton Heston as Moses. This is the classic track that plays during the actual exodus montage we observe all the many slaves walking free. Love this old classic soundtrack, full of strings and brass!


Echoes in Rain by Enya. Enya again! I actually really love this song though so I remembered it to include it. I listened to this on repeat A LOT last semester while working on my math. It was soothing without being a bore and I hummed along with it a lot. Humming interesting songs while doing my homework really saved my skin last semester.


The Elven Treasure by Peter Gundry. I actually have shared this once here on the blog before it’s just SO GORGEOUS AND A HUGE FAVORITE OF MINE I HAVE TO SHARE IT AGAIN. That harp at the beginning, followed by the amazing percussion beat and crying violin. Just ugh, the feels I have for this song. I can feel such agony and mystery and fantasy in this. ❤


Everybody Dance Now. UGH. NOBODY HATES THIS SONG. NOBODY COULD. I dare you try not dancing to this. I dare you.


Epiphany from Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I dearly love this super dark musical; Johnny Depp is fantastic as always. However, I loved the soundtrack long before I saw the movie–this song has always been on of my favorites. It’s such a turning point for the main character as he realizes the man who’d stolen his family had escaped his blade. Jonny gives this song such raw anger. That dawning realization of the pure depravity of man is just so intense…and Sweeny completely letting go of moral restraint. Just wow, what a powerful musical piece.

Feels funny ending on such a dark note, but there’s no other song I’d rather share for this one but Epiphany, so it will have to do. XD