Get Low by Dillon Francis and Dj Snake

This is becoming a long time favorite of mine. Its one of those few songs were the drop is actually satisfying to me and getting to it doesn’t slay me from being too long. I love the drop at 2:30. All the notes and elements work just right for me. Even as a writer, its given me some great inspiration for several different scenes and how they play. That’s always fantastic!


Chocolate by Serebro

This is another song I heard in the background of a video and I had to use my Shazam app to find the full version because of how I loved the sound. I love my dance/electronic music and this such a perfect example of the genre. I love the almost ethnic sound it has, between singer’s voice and the instruments used (feels almost like a throwback to songs like Lean On.)


Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

The words in this song really struck me, besides just the amazing addictive music. ❤ I love the guitar bits later into the song, and the beat absolutely grabs me.

“I’m not looking for somebody with superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairytale bliss; just something I can turn to, somebody I can miss, I want somebody just like this.”