Sugarcoat the Galaxy from Passengers

I absolutely loved the film Passengers; I remember it transported me away on every level in that theater, one of the reasons being it’s gorgeously written soundtrack. Watching the credits, I literally cried out loud, “Ahhhh that’s why I love it so much! That’s why it sounds like the Finding Nemo soundtrack!” which I also love to pieces. It was written by Thomas Newman. I absolutely love Newman’s musical work, so this soundtrack was an immediate favorite. I love the mixture of electronic elements with traditional instruments. It’s just SO atmospheric!


Get Low by Dillon Francis and Dj Snake

This is becoming a long time favorite of mine. Its one of those few songs were the drop is actually satisfying to me and getting to it doesn’t slay me from being too long. I love the drop at 2:30. All the notes and elements work just right for me. Even as a writer, its given me some great inspiration for several different scenes and how they play. That’s always fantastic!


The Greatest by Sia

Wow.I just flipping love it; the rhythm and beat and lyrics and dancing and instruments and emotion are just all too perfect for me. I love it.

I freaking love Sia so much; her music the past three years has really touched me; I’ve found a lot of emotional connection in her lyrics and melodies. I just feel really at home when I listen to her music. There’s room for me; I’m understood I guess. And Maddie’s modern dancing and ability for expression are incredible too. I was so happy when I saw this new music video a week ago!! ❤

The extra level eeiry-ness is incredible too, considering in many ways this feels like aa tribute to the Orlando shooting. So, just wow.


Good for You by Selena Gomez

I’m head over heels IN LOVE with Selena’s latest album from last year. I love so many songs, so many are full of encouraging messages too (I’ll be sharing more of my favorites in the future!) But today I wanna share the first that I heard and loved, “Good for You.” This is one of those songs that I madly wrote one of my novels to all last summer; sensual, airy, warm, the hip-hop/electro vibe is incredibly up my alley. I also just recently clicked with even the lyrics, so I love this song a lot!