Magic Knight Rayearth OST

I stumbled over this piece of magic on complete accident, searching for another anime soundtrack. It blew me once it hit the 30-second mark. Just oh my gosh! I absolutely love the strings and horns and wind instruments! It’s so upbeat and chirpy, yet regal with its use of classical instruments! It makes me so happy and almost nostalgic somehow to listen to it. It reminds me of some Studio Ghibli soundtracks somehow. Love love love it!


Kara no Kyokai Soundtrack Highlights

薄れる – Fade: When I first heard this, I was floored. Just floored. Its tone is airy with a touch of peril and techno, followed up by the angelic female vocals. And then a driving beat to round it all out. It’s beautiful and deadly and alluring and determined all at the same time. Mid-way through it softens back out without loosing its drive and we get a soft airiness to carry us to the song’s end.

Mirai Fukuin: Wow. The reverb. The darkness. The power. This pieces emanates such power! The airy dark techno, the female vocals; they work so well to create a chilling approach of shadows. I wish this track wasn’t so short because I could write pages of fiction to it.  Just wow. I really must give a round of applause to Yuki Kajiura for her talent in creating such amazing musical soundscapes!


ABC Challenge || “F”


Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato. I love Demi as a role model and I enjoy her music. I really love this song as it touches very clearly on what it feels like to have a hurting heart.


Far East Suite from Fullmetal Alchemist. LONG TIME FAVORITE of mine! Just ugh, love that pizzicato!! So chirpy and peaceful!


Fire by Brian Crain. I’m currently learning this song on the piano. I love how bittersweet it is; dark and glowing.


Fairy Forest by Adrian von Ziegler. Such gorgeous harp work! Dainty, magical, shy, playful; if this isn’t what a forest full of fairies sounds like, I don’t know what else could!


Flyers from Death Parade. I will forever love this song; will never get tired of it either! Paired with its visuals, its just one of those songs that makes you want to jump up and start dancing; to get completely lost in its world. Bouncy and spirited to say the least!

Forces from Berserk. Couldn’t not include Forces, it being my favorite song from all anime written by the brilliant Susumu Hirasawa. This is the anthem of bloody, dark world of Berserk, where there are no happy endings, tragedy and character angst, and gore, gore, gore. It’s a battle song, a rally song. It’s powerful and passionate, triumphant and wailing. It’s Forces. I will always love it.


Friend Like Me from Aladdin. Ahhhh the classic Aladdin song featuring the wonderful Robin Williams! I didn’t grew up with this movie, but this song sold it to me! ❤