Beautiful Memories by Adrian von Ziegler

There’s a reason Adrian is one of my most favorite music composers and that I love almost every single song he’s composed: it’s because of the pure EMOTION and HEART that he puts into each piece. This song he wrote for his then long-distance girlfriend, now sweet wife, Carina. AND YOU CAN HEAR HIS LOVE AND LONGING FOR HER IN THIS PIECE. YOU JUST CAN. It’s so bittersweet. The yearning is incredible. I resonate with the emotion strongly being in a long-distance relationship myself. I can hear the pain and love because I know it myself, and it’s amazing to find something like that in a single instrument deliver song. ❤ Just wow.



Fire by Brian Crain

I’m learning how to play this song at the moment; I’ve been playing Brian Crain’s music for several years now and whenever I discover a new song of his I get so excited. Fire really captured my heart when I first heard. It’s melancholy, angsty with moments of bliss, coupled with a sense of warmth; Fire is a very suitable title.