Returning by Ryan Taubert (emotional music)

I found this saved my “watch later” playlist on YouTube and I’m so glad I got to revisit it. It’s first half is warm, soothing, and slow with some very gentle piano and strings. Then the second half comes in, still warm, but also full of light and hopeful and joyous. We hear an oriental influence in the melody and the tempo and beat picks up dramatically. It’s such a joy to hear the transistions in the sound. It’s truly an emotional piece! ❤



The Fleet Girls Collection

This is a ten-minute loop of one of my favorite anime soundtracks from The Fleet Girls Collection. It has strong oriental influences, with pleasant piano and female vocals accompanying. It’s nice for repeating because it’s quite addictive to listen to, between the light, soft, engaging sounds and happy vibe. I could definitely listen to this all day! ❤