About “My Soulmate: Music”

The Passion

Music has always been my first love. I’ve referred to it as my soul mate for years. Music is, without much exaggeration, as important to me as breathing is. I love many genres and I stay open to new music because the most surprising songs have inspired me and kept me ticking.

The Why

I created this space very spontaneously–I already run a five-year-old personal blog and a two-year anime blog–but honestly, I should have made this one first. I’d love to document my love story with music, despite these songs often being very personal or holding great meaning to me, and see what memories I can save along the way. I’ll also share music I want to remember or find enjoyable or worth highlighting as well.

What You’ll Find

You will find everything here. From game, movie, and anime original soundtracks to pop songs to instrumental songs to music video and anime openings to electropop to songs of inspiration to songs of pure malice to Susumu Hirasawa and Danny Elfman and everything in-between. I love music so much, I listen to it all.


Within the blog’s footing, you’ll discover my blogroll which I’ve filled with my favorite music resources, from epic music radio, to a source to discover similar artists or genres to your favorites, to other favorite music blogs. I hope you find a new tool within my blogroll that will help you dive deeper into the world of music that you love best, or discover something completely new you didn’t know you needed. ❤

In Closing

I hope you enjoy the diversity of my tastes withing this blog as well; if music is your fellow soulmate, write me! I’d love to hear recommendations and love from another music lover! ❤