Hello 2020!

So I disappeared from all my blogging for a while. XD I’m coming back to my music blog first because this past year I did a really bad job keeping track of my songs for 2019 and I regret it (granted I was working six days a week and then moved cross-country, but still!) So I want to frequent here more often this new year and share my discoveries and favorites as I hear them. I wish I could give you a couple songs that sum up 2019 for me but I can’t so I’m going to make this easy by throwing in a couple of my favorites from right now (please don’t get whiplash too badly XD). Here’s to better music journaling in 2020!

Spirit by SHDOW. This is one of my go-to songs right now for almost any mood, but it has especially populated sleepless nights and car rides through the forest to town and back.

Superstar by Marina. My latest favorite love song find. It gets so unbelievably stuck in my head and I have to sing along to unstick it. It makes my heart feel flutters. ❤

Beastars OP. First off this is possibly my favorite anime of the fall season of 2019, it’s FANTASTIC. And it’s also one of the few shows who’s opening James and I don’t skip. Just so good!

I’m Gonna Be by Post Malone. It’s actually been a little while since I’ve played this one, but I thought I’d include it as a shout-out to Posty for dropping more music this year and making me happy. 🙂

Thelema by Øfdream. I think this is the only song I like slowed at a different pace than the original. I pump this one when I’m pondering my master project novel and play with different pieces and characters in my mind like a puzzle. A vibe I’ve been embracing lately has been the dark dance/electronic songs for my story so this song gets listened to a lot lately. 😀

Mead, Gold and Blood from Divinity Original Sin II. James and I have been playing Divinity Original Sin II together the past month when we have time and we’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. The music is especially beautiful and this is just one of my favorite tracks.

The Nightingale from The Witcher: Wild Hunt. I haven’t played this game yet but I’d love to sometime. I found this track while look for medieval-inspired game soundtracks for my novel’s playlist. I need to go back and listen to more of the tracks, but so far it has some wonderful tavern tracks and this particular track that reminds me of the King Arthur soundtrack.

What songs are you vibing with right now?