Sounds of My 2017

Ta-da!! The soundtrack of my 2017 is here! I thought here on the music blog I’d take the opportunity to write about each song and why they’re featured; why they were in the backdrop of my last year, how I found them, or who they remind me of. The most important element shared between them is the fact that when I hear them, I strongly remember at least one singular moment of the last year. They are in order as best as I can remember through the beginning of the year to the end of it.

24K Magic by Bruno Mars: Such a bop, you guys. You know how sometimes you’ll listen to a favorite song a lot and you make yourself sick of it on accident? And your life is nothing but regret? Well, I’ve yet to ruin 24K Magic. Maybe cause it actually is magic. Hmm. Anyway, sang this alllll freaking year long, at work in DQ, in the car, with the bf. The go-to jam song when you’re feeling great and want to celebrate life!

Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay: Similar to 24K, this song has been in the background of my entire year and I’ve YET to get tired of it! The message really resonated with my heart. It’s a message of love that I’ve strongly clung to, but never really heard in pop music that much: I don’t the world from my man–I don’t expect him to be perfect, a superhero–I just want someone I love enough to miss. ❤ And oh yeah, that guitar at the end. Ugh. My heart. Such an awesome, pure song that punches me in the emotions every time.

Starboy by The Weeknd: I was just getting into the Weeknd before this song released in Oct of 2016, and since I’m slow I didn’t discover this one until about January of 2017. Couldn’t not love it. For awhile the words felt like a bunch of nonsense, so I eventually had to read the meaning behind them. Basically, Starboy is pretty much just a flex song for The Weeknd, but when it sounds this smooth who cares. XD

Not Today by BTS: I love me my KPop and this one is FIRE. My 2017 was popping with this song on my playlist. XD Not too much to say about it. It’s just that awesome. Also, why can’t I be this awesome?

Prism by Lindsey Stirling: I have been her fan since 2012 and her music always floors me. Prism was the song I probably listened to most this year. It’s such a great dance song, between the gorgeous violin, enchanting vocal work, and electro-pop.

Flashes by Tove Lo: I listened to a lot of Tove Lo this year, so it was really hard to pick just one to feature. I went with Flashes because I got lost in this one the most. It’d play in my ear at 2 in the morning while hanging up my laundry after a long night at work; the rhythm and words would just flow right out of my body. Songs like these are very powerful to me because, in a moment when I might feel alone in the dead of night, I’m instead lost in a piece of artwork and emotion. I love that about music. ❤

“Stay Closer” Mashup, The Chainsmokers x Alessia Cara x Zedd x Halsey: If you had the radio on this year, Stay and Closer were in your ears A LOT; they were in mine too, simply from them playing constantly at work depending on which station we’d play or stream. Closer drove me bonkers but I really did love Stay. I ended up loving this mashup of the two. When I think of both I can hear Ashlyn by the grill singing along to the little radio we kept in the corner of DQ that had the worst reception ever haha! ❤

Down by Marian Hill: I like the chorus, for sounding so different! This song takes me back to work in the springtime, bopping along to it while jumping in and out of drive-thru and mindlessly humming along while making blizzards haha. I can kinda remember hearing Matt singing the melody and it catching my attention in the first place. XD

This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan: oh heck yes, I love my 90s music. I got my car in May this past year and the first CD I played was my 90s playlist. I specifically remember pounding this song after watching Baby Driver at the theater and cruising home to it.

SkeletonMan by Bones: Good old Matt introduced me to Shazaam, the app that identifies songs, and THIS was the first one I used it for. I watched a Pewdiepie live stream and this song came on in the background; I was smitten immediately, and was able to capture the song with the app. I have been listening to SkeletonMan ever since, purely for the sake that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT ITS SOUND. LIKE HECK YEAH YOU GUYS. THIS HAS BEEN MY JAM. ❤

California Nights by Best Coast: I was in Zia Records thumbing through books when it registered in my head that I REALLY like the song playing above my head. I tapped out as many of the lyrics as I could hear into my Notes app and googled it at home. It’s a great, chill indie song I’ve zoned out to a lot for a good daydream. Can’t imagine how awesome it’d probably be under the influence of some Mary Jane hahaha! JK. XD

Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi: I discovered this song thanks to Matt, and it reminds me of him whenever I listen to it. I almost always worked the night crew at DQ, which meant I always closed. Depending on who I closed with, the radio station would be different. OR one of the guys would plug up their phone to a favorite Pandora station (it was the crew’s fave to have Pandora play.) So, this ol’ song came on thanks to Matt’s phone while we were wiping stuff down together and I really really liked it!

The Monster by Eminem: I’ve heard this before, but Ashlyn cranked it REALLY LOUDLY in her car driving home from McDonald’s at 1 AM and I just absolutely fell in love with it. Been playing it on repeat for the rest of year and am slowly learning all the lyrics. The parts I do have memorized I love the spit like a master card dealer and it makes me feel brilliant. XD Especially considering I have a hard time memorizing lyrics.

Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato: we all heard this song once over the summer, kinda hard to not to love it. XD Again, its another song that Ashlyn and I would crank up after leaving work to shout at the world. Sometimes all we want to say after a long night of dealing with difficult customers or coworkers is “sorry not sorry.” XD

Strip That Down by Liam Payne: another song I kept hearing at work, it takes me back to the crew nights where I was with Ashlyn and she’d start dancing along before realizing someone in drive-thru could see her. SO funny, so many good memories!! By the end of the year, I was singing it with her too, even though it’s not really my style. Its just really hard to resist those “yeah yeah yeah yeah”s.  XD

Bad At Love by Halsey: it’s a freaking hate-to-love saga with this song. Well, ok, hate is strong because I didn’t ever hate it. But I saw the music video first and the song didn’t stick with me. A couple months later Ashlyn fell in love with it and when I heard the song without the video at the same time, I actually felt like I heard the lyrics and melody better. I liked it a lot more! Ashlyn snapchatted me video messages of the song whenever it would come on over her car radio summer and fall and that was always so fun!

Glorious by Macklemore: this music video is the most adorable freaking thing in the world. Macklemore is a class act and so are his lyrics. I almost cried the first time I saw this and I’ve loved hearing it on the radio. I remember hearing it over the gym’s speakers late at night and Ashlyn and I sang along very quietly. ❤

Amused by Hunger: another Shazaam find for me. I think I was feeling ill with a summer cold and 13 Reasons Why had JUST come out on Netflix in time for me to binge-watch. I remember I spent quite a few minutes trying to get Shazaam to hear it clearly. Totally worth it because I listened to it a lot afterward. I don’t even know why I like this song so much, I just do LOL!

C’est La Vie by Robbie Nevil: same exact scenario as above, a Shazaam find. I was watching through Black Mirror for the first time and this song was in San Junipero and I fell smack in love with it. Perfect dancing song, a perfect 80’s song, a perfect song in general. Of all the songs I heard on TV shows this past year, this is probably the best find of them all. ❤ ❤ ❤

1-800-273-8255 by Logic: FIRSTLY, THIS SONG IS SONG OF THE YEAR. This is one of the most POWERFUL songs you will ever hear in your life. It hits me on so many levels. I recognize in myself both the hopeless voice of the caller AND the voice of hope of the hotline responder, saying, “I want you to be alive. I want you to be alive, you don’t gotta die today, you don’t gotta die.” I remember I was mopping the floor at DQ one night, nearly done with my shift, when this came on the radio and the melody HAUNTED me. I ran to the back for my iPod touch and shazaamed it really quick to find it at home later. When I truly listened to the lyrics, it all shook me. It reminded me of someone I knew, and now every time I hear this, I take it as a cue to pray for them. ❤ But truly, this song is phenomenal and everyone should hear it once.

Havanna by Camila Cabello: I actually heard and fell in love with this song on Youtube a few weeks before I heard it come onto the radio. I’m so glad it blew up like it did because the Latin theme is TO DIE FOR. Hypnotizing, delicious, delirious, sexy; its such a beautiful myriad of sounds for my ears. I’m still not tired of it. ❤

Angel by Fifth Harmony: This is the first Fifth Harmony song I’ve heard that I actually really really enjoyed. Really love the darker vibe with the trap beat. Kind of a guilty pleasure song for me I suppose. 😛 I think I connect to it a bit because I get called “an angel” quite often by the boyfriend, coworkers, friends; you name them, they’ve called me an angel. So I kinda enjoy go around singing, “Who said I was an angel?” Because I’m silly like that. XD

Be The One by Dua Lipa: Another shazaam find. And oh, this is delightful pop music that I love: airy and bouncy, yet with the hint of the minor key sprinkled throughout it to keep the sound from becoming “bubblegum” which I can’t stand. This is another song that I’ve still yet to feel sick of it yet haha!

“Dear Rappers” by Tom MacDonald: I found this because of Facebook if you’d believe, but I freaking loved it. Right before I found it I’d just been discussing with Trent, my bestie, how we prefer 90s rap over modern rap because the modern lyrics promote just such a senseless lifestyle without even being clever in their lyrics. This song, with perfect line delivery, addresses these issues to perfection. Like seriously: this is a legit good “wake up” song by an actually great rapper to the modern rap community. The delivery is on point and the beat is SICK, so I actually play this quite often. Love, love, love it.

…Ready for It? by Taylor Swift: THIS was the song that sold me on Taylor’s new sound. Holy crap I’ve never fallen in love with a song so quickly. It is everything I could have wanted from her new album, all wrapped up together–deep beats and sensual choruses and just utter power. This whole album was pretty lit but for 2017 this is the song I listened to most before the album came out in November. ❤ I love you Queen Tay.

Legend Has It by Run The Jewels: this song featured in the Black Panther’s trailer completely sold me on the film and I can’t stop listening to the instrumental version. It sounded so awesome pumping through the speakers in the car driving home late at night after work. ❤

Ugly by Jiara Burns: This is another guilty pleasure pop song of mine. I’d forget that it played for 45 minutes on loop in my ears because I enjoyed the sound so much. I believe this artist is pretty new but I’ll look forward to any more music she might put out because I really enjoyed this one.

S.L.U.T by Bea Miller: This is a power song for self-confidence and I freaking love it. Kind of similar vibe as the song above, a great pop song that I just kinda got lost in, enjoying the rhythm and empowering words: “Sweet little unforgettable thing…”

Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross: I enjoy most songs like this best when they’re instrumental because instead of trying to comprehend the lyrics, my mind can just bounce with the awesome trap or R&B beats. This is such a song that I enjoyed throughout the end of my year while writing one of my short stories. That baaaaaaaaaaaaaass.

Doc Martin TV Theme: Of the tv shows I started this year, the theme and music from Doc Martin have been my absolute favorite to relisten to again. Every time the theme plays on Netflix my body just wants to MOVE to that tango beat. It’s spicy and playful, which is pretty much the opposite the character Doc Martin himself, but that’s kind of the fun thing about it.

Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen: The emotions I can feel from this song made it really stand out and easy to listen to this past year. Although I have no idea what they’re singing, I feel emotions of longing or even bittersweet romance in the voices and melody that my heart can really relate to. I love how gentle the vocals can be, and the electropop compliments it all so very well! Very easy to get lost in once it’s on repeat. That chorus tho. ❤ ❤ ❤

Thunder by Imagine Dragons: another song I found before it hit the radio, absolutely loved how different it sounds to other pop songs! It’s that percussion that wins my heart. 😉 Plus it’s so fun to sing along! If you accuse me of overplaying it this past fall, then I’m guilty as charged.

Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve: I’ve heard this many times before this past year, but it’ll remain a 2017 song for me because of the personal meaning. During a shift one night, with his pandora station playing, Trent bet me a dollar I couldn’t name this one. He had to pay up when I paused to think, then said, “That’s… that’s Bitter Sweet Symphony, I love that song!” He said I was the first person who ever actually guessed a song correctly and won his bet. I’ve kept that dollar bill in my keepsake box; because I’m hopelessly sentimental I also consider it our song now, since we both deeply appreciate 90s music. And if you ever happen to read this, man, I miss you so much. ❤

Walk on Water by 30 Seconds to Mars: This song was like an ending anthem for my last moments in 2017. In November I had to decide if I wanted to stay at DQ another year or not before James came to visit me, and despite not having another job lined up, I felt it in my gut that I had to give my two weeks notice Thanksgiving week. It was a very scary step of faith to follow my gut, but I heard this song right as I made that choice and I listened to it A LOT. The powerful vocals, the beat, and words of faith really kept my spirit buoyed during those last weeks. (and in case you’re interested, I just finished my first full week at my new job and I absolutely love it. It’s such a step up and I couldn’t be more glad I listened to my gut.)

Unforgettable by French Montanna: This song has to be last because I discovered it accidentally right at the end of 2017 and listened to on repeat throughout December (yeah can you believe I never heard it once on the radio all year? idk how that happened.) I get lost in the rhythm very easily, a song I love to play past midnight. Those types of songs are the absolute best.

I hope your 2017 had a soundtrack as awesome as mine!