The ABC Challenge || “R”


Roar by Katy Perry. This song has SO MUCH meaning to me. Definitely, hands down an all time favorite. It’s my anthem; it’s what I strive to do more and more every day: roar. The first chorus especially summarizes my past, which makes it feel even more personal. But it’s such an empowering, triumphant song! I love it!

Rise by Selena Gomez. DANG Selena has been putting out quality songs lately. This is one of my favorite uplifting songs from her. The music style is awesome, and the lyrics are just amazing. I loved biking around the park to this song in the dark late at night; I felt like I was floating and it kept my muscles going. I just love this song so much.

Remember the Time by Michael Jackson. I didn’t grow up listening to his music, but I remember seeing the original music video playing in a Carls Jr and it caught my attention. I thoroughly educated myself on Michael Jackson afterward and after listening to his music I definitely think he deserves the fame he has. This is one of my very favorite songs by him; i love dance power it exudes.

Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Ahhhhhhh, I really like this song. I heard in the Scream film franchise (a movie series I FLIPPING LOVE) and it made me fiercely love this song. I love tempo and darkness and playful edge. ❤


The RV Park from Bolt. I remember friends lending me their copy of the Bolt OST a long long time ago; and while there were many great themes, I flipping loved this one the most. It’s even inspired very specific book scenes from my novels. I LOVE the playfulness, slight mysteriousness, and then that romp of adventure at the very end.


Rise of a Kingdom by Brunuhville. I sure do love my fantasy music. Here’s an excellent track with excellent throwbacks to medieval ancient times through harpsichord, percussion, and recorder. I love the tinkling, dangerous bit of the piano at 2:10. It takes my breath away.


Renegade from Gangsta. RENEGAAAAAAADE, ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS OF ALL TIME, JUST HECK YESSSSSSS. This energized dubstep/electro song is one of my favorite pump songs, especially when I remember what a great story and characters “Gangsta” had when I watch the synched animation. ❤

The River Sings by Enya. This is a looooooong time favorite of my from Enya’s selection and it’s paired perfectly with some Lord of the Rings footage. I’ve listened to this song a repeat since I was maybe fifteen, and I’m twenty-two now. It’s so atmospheric, hopeful and even dark at the exact same time.

Royal Road, Paradise by Susumu Hirasawa. ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE COMPOSERS. It’s so creepy and unsettling; Hirasawa’s vocal work is wonderful here; he can use such emotion and reach such wonderful notes when he sings. I feel so much even though I can’t understand Japanese. I love how it starts off more brooding and settled; then at 2:19 IT ESCALATES DRAMATICALLY. It’s pounding and soulful and urgent. IT’S FREAKING AMAZING.


Rock Island from The Music Man. It’s the first song from this wonderful classic; my sister had it memorized at one point. It’s one of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard in a musical, and just PLAIN FUN. I’ve never seen a movie, musical or not, give such a great set up to its film in such a creative way. ❤ The Music Man is just the best. ❤


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