When Christian Music Actually Rocks

Christian music is one of the very few genres I generally dislike. No, not like good ol’ hymns, but like modern contemporary Christian music; THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. The music sounds repetitive, boring, full of shallow lyrics and the same three chords reused over and over and over and over…..

But there’s always exceptions to the rules. XD Today I’m going to share a few tracks from Christian groups or artists that I actually really love!

Crazy by Newsboys. This song, and the following songs, come from a special, secret source of mine who’s very familiar with Christian rock and sent me amazing links starting with this one. I loved this the moment the song began thanks to the minor key it was set in. The following ambient darkness and rich vocals totally captured my imagination. It made me rethink that all modern Christian music sucks. Because this freaking doesn’t: this freaking ROCKS.

Happiness by NEEDTOBREATHE. Again, what always grab is a sick beat and rhythm that plays with the melody that’s not easy for my mind to learn or predict. The vocal power in this song is crazy great too. I enjoy how the keys changes from minor to major and back again. I love the words too; they’re lyrics I can relate too, searching for forgiveness in tje hope of happiness.

Holy Water by Switchfoot. It took all but a few seconds to be sold on this song. THAT MINOR KEY THO. I don’t even care that this song is a little on the slower pace. It still really really rocks; the guitar work is utter magic to my ears. And those vocals are so so sweet.


Returning by Ryan Taubert (emotional music)

I found this saved my “watch later” playlist on YouTube and I’m so glad I got to revisit it. It’s first half is warm, soothing, and slow with some very gentle piano and strings. Then the second half comes in, still warm, but also full of light and hopeful and joyous. We hear an oriental influence in the melody and the tempo and beat picks up dramatically. It’s such a joy to hear the transistions in the sound. It’s truly an emotional piece! ❤


The ABC Challenge || “Q”

I have very few songs in general that start with Q. Here are two I could scrape up. 😉

Qualia Tower by Susumu Hirasawa. Hirasawa comes to my rescue with my favorite track that starts with a Q. They’re kinda rare. XD I love how sad this song sounds. The soundscape is so unique as well, and Hirasawa’s voice is beautiful, as always. ❤

And I didn’t  lie about the second track, it just happened to be an anime soundtrack, and we all know YouTube hates anime anything on youtube and took it down. XD Oh well.


The Greatest by Sia

Wow.I just flipping love it; the rhythm and beat and lyrics and dancing and instruments and emotion are just all too perfect for me. I love it.

I freaking love Sia so much; her music the past three years has really touched me; I’ve found a lot of emotional connection in her lyrics and melodies. I just feel really at home when I listen to her music. There’s room for me; I’m understood I guess. And Maddie’s modern dancing and ability for expression are incredible too. I was so happy when I saw this new music video a week ago!! ❤

The extra level eeiry-ness is incredible too, considering in many ways this feels like aa tribute to the Orlando shooting. So, just wow.


Kara no Kyokai Soundtrack Highlights

薄れる – Fade: When I first heard this, I was floored. Just floored. Its tone is airy with a touch of peril and techno, followed up by the angelic female vocals. And then a driving beat to round it all out. It’s beautiful and deadly and alluring and determined all at the same time. Mid-way through it softens back out without loosing its drive and we get a soft airiness to carry us to the song’s end.

Mirai Fukuin: Wow. The reverb. The darkness. The power. This pieces emanates such power! The airy dark techno, the female vocals; they work so well to create a chilling approach of shadows. I wish this track wasn’t so short because I could write pages of fiction to it.  Just wow. I really must give a round of applause to Yuki Kajiura for her talent in creating such amazing musical soundscapes!