ABC Challenge || “M”


Move Your Body by Sia. I just love Sia so much; her songs are just so memorable and powerful to me. This is another one of my biking songs, too. Such a great tempo and beat!! ❤

Me & My Girls by Selena Gomez. This is such a unique song from Selena Gomez and it sounds so raw and teasing and fun. I love her Spanish origins coming through in this song; it makes me want to go wild with a bunch of a good girlfriends for the night.

Magnets by Lorde. At one point I couldn’t stop listening to this song; the beat and tempo are RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING. I absolutely love beats Lorde can create in her songs.


A Man For All Seasons Theme from A Man For All Seasons. This is actually a really good film and I remember being really spellbound by the music a child for whatever the reason. I just really love this theme; the harpsichord is just beautiful; it’s so haunting and medieval.

Mirror’s Edge Theme from Solar Fields. I WROTE A SHORT STORY TO THIS SOUNDTRACK. I love it so much. It really gave me the underwater vibe I was needing to immerse myself into the dreamscape setting I was writing. Just so beautiful and airy!

Makoto Kowata from Flying Witch. Screw this anime for actually being so enjoyable. This has become one of my favorite relaxing, comfort songs! Beautiful piano, guitar, and flute! ❤


Merchant Prince by Thomas Bergerson. Hands down one of my favorite songs of all time. I generally don’t care of slow songs, but this one builds up to a epic finale and I’ve never grown tired of it in over five years of listening to it. Just a pure epicness.

Morrigan by Adrian von Ziegler. I love how this song starts off more steady and soft, and then swells into more rhythm adventure/quest/mountain conquering like music with the swell in tempo and instrument usage. Such a rich, dark celtic song. Also the bird cry throughout is a fantastic addition and adds excellent atmosphere.


Misbehavin’ by Pentatonix. This song is actually very personal to me; the words hold a lot of meaning to my personal life and my personality and stance on loyalty. Besides this just being a really enjoyable song by PTX, its just a incredibly relevant song to me. I love songs like that! <3<3<3

Meadowland by Amethystium. I remember the first time I heard this when it began on Pandora and I loved it immediately! Just UGH. I LOVE IT.

Mama by EXO. Hands down on the best KPop songs ever, at least in my book. Everything about this music video and song is stellar. I love the unique monk-like chanting throughout especially. This is such a powerful song with POWERFUL vocal work and it’s just amazing to listen to. Everything else is just fantastic: sets, costumes, dancing, special effects, power. Just wow. ❤ In so many ways, Kpop blows western music videos WAY out of the water.


Maria from The Sound of Music. Classic. Classic. Classic. My childhood. Ugh. I can still sing this without missing a beat. Ugh. Just classic.

Marian the Librarian from The Music Man. Ahhhhh this musical. And this song is great; sadly I can’t find a good full version; in its entirety there is some AMAZING choreography with the dance number, but the song by itself is almost just as good.



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