ABC Challenge || “L “


Lean On by Majo Lazer & DJ Snake. I’ve listened to this on so many time on repeat that I’ve actually lost count. This is just one of those golden electro songs and I love it so much! ^_^ ❤

The Living Tombstone from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. This is actually on one of my book playlists for it’s haunting vocals and melody. It also repeats really well that’s awesome.

Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. The chorus of this song gets stuck in my head in a great way. It’s fun and so upbeat and happy!


London Calling from Star Trek: Into Darkness. I remember looking up the piano notes for this song not long after seeing the movie because it was just gorgeous! Just wow, what a beautiful, haunting melody!

Log Horizon Theme from Log Horizon. This theme makes me want to go on epic quests and battle monsters in great lands, so it’s one of my theme for my virtual reality quest novel. ❤ Those powerful brass, drums and vocals are just too perfect.


Lemon Drops by Brian Crain. Flipping love this little diddly. I blogged about it once already but I had to share it again because I love it so much. ❤


The Last of Her Kind by Peter Gundry. This is very similar to one of my all time favorites, which I blogged about here. I love both!


La jument de Michao by Nolwenn Leroy. I was SO HAPPY to remember this song in time to include it! Because wow, what a wonderful folk song! I love this woman’s voice, combined with the French language! The song is also perfectly upbeat; perfect tempo for my liking.


Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You from The Music Man. I think this is the first time sharing from The Music Man; a family treasure to my family, this musical is. XD So many super fun songs; these are just so beautiful. They make me sway and want to go to sleep. ^_^ ❤

Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me from White Christmas. This musical is a Christmas classic in my family (just wait for S–you’ll be hearing Sisters Sisters.) This is such an interesting, rather dark song though; sung very beautifully!



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