ABC Challenge || “K”

pop/contemporary (and musical)

For the first time, I can’t actually find a favorite pop or musical song beginning with K. Wow. So, take extra joy in the soundtrack and songs I found below. ❤


Ki Toi To from Wolf Children. I kid you not when I say this one of the most powerful bit of musical score I’ve ever heard in a movie. This scene, the children and their mother discovering the joys of snow and tumbling through forests and down great hills, hit every joyful emotional moment thanks to this track. You can just feel it, the joy and spring the step, the rolling landscape, the cymbals with each whirlwind of snow. Just. This is the power of music people. ❤

Kingdom Dance from Tangled. Tangled is not one of my favorite Disney movies, but I really love this track from the score. You just want to join in and do a reel with everyone else by the end of it.

Kimi wa Wasurerareru no from Your Lie in April. The first track from the heartbreaking and goregous music anime, Your Lie in April. I love how peaceful this track is. ❤


Kidney Thief from Audiomachine. I’ve been writing book scenes to this song for over four years now, because it just happens to be that awesome. I love the combination of the heavy guitar and modern percussion with epic vocal chorus. It’s just really really awesome. Totally the theme for a kidney theif. XD

Kingdom of Bards by Adrian von Ziegler. This is just beautiful. Adrian uses harps superbly in his music and I love it. But just wait for that soft punch in the gut from the choir at 1:20. Just wow. Wow. There is a reason Adrian is one of my favorite composers for my writing music ever.

Kami by Adrian von Ziegler. To compensate for lack of pop and musical numbers, I’m including another song by Adrian that is oriental themed. Very enchanting and gentle, yet otherworldly and kind of intimidating in sound. I really love oriental influenced music like this.


Kinsei by Susumu Hirasawa. I played this when I felt nervous on bus rides with intimidating passengers. It had a soothing, upbeat, energetic happiness to it that helped fight some of my nerves getting to and from school. And if you know anything about what I love in music, it’s music by Hirasawa. Bow to the master. ❤

Kingdom of Love from One Night With the King. I rediscovered this while searching for songs that began with K, and I remembered how much I loved this song’s and its use in the movie. It just a very grand, gorgeous song with wonderful soft percussion, sweeping choirs, and a stunning vocal lead. ❤


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