ABC Challenge || “I”


I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber. I knew immediately this would be top pop song for I. In the past I never dug Justin Bieber very much, but his new album is actually genuinely good and full of more uplifting messages. And after honestly giving it try, I’ve grown to love his new sound. But this song really struck a chord with me. It’s incredibly humanizing and I really connect with both the lyrics and the emotion. Just wow. I love a Justin Beiber song. LOL ❤

I Took A Pill In Ibiza by Mike Posner. I just love the sound of this song. It’s incredibly addicting and I love all the instruments usages and claps.


Is She With You? from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not seen the movie yet but a friend made me immediately listen to this after he saw it. It’s Wonder Woman’s theme and it’s just kinda legit awesome. LOL But listen to that guitar!

Iyanayokan from Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO BE A DETECTIVE. I just love how sneaky, playful and mysterious this is!! The violin is wonderful; it reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in a sense. I love all the different instruments you can pick out as it goes on. jaskldfjaklsdjf I just really love this track. ^_^

Intermission-Entr’acte Music from Ben-Hur. This is an all time favorite movie, a must-see epic, with one of the most powerful soundtracks of all time. This begins very dark and serious, and then about 40 seconds in the classic opening from the Overture begins and we get to hear all the beautiful themes. I love all the light plucking, followed by the tragic-sounding strings. Then we get 2:20 mark we get the romance theme with some wonderful brass and string work together. Then we get the epic finale again at 3:50 as the movie gets ready to begin playing. Just ugh. What a wonderful score for such a stunning movie.


In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edward Grieg. I have a for real classical song today LOL! But I love this song so much! It’s so much fun to play on the piano too!! And just wow, it’s so crazy at the end!! XD


Into the Wild Chapter 1 by Axl Rosenberg. This is the 2-minute version to a very emotional, powerful instrumental peiece. When those percussions and the strong violin come in…I get chills. I’ve written powerful book scenes to this piece and it’s longer 6-minute sibling.

I Can Feel It Humming by The Flashbulb. This is an instrumental piece from my writing playlist and I love it. I love the tempo and play of instruments. It’s an almost anxious song, with gentle piano and then urgent guitar work and soft violin. Then that piano bit at the end. ❤


I Want You by Savage Garden. I heard this in the credits of an anime set in the 90s and just fell for this song immediately. I’ve yet to get tired of listening to it. I love the tune and the tempo a lot. Just, the 90s had some good songs. XD

I’m in Control from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This is actually a song off the soundtrack and I’m really quite addicted to it. I love how it opens up; strong percussion, amazing middle eastern influence, excellent beat. Then at the minute mark we get the song and it’s strong electronic influence. I love that the singer actually sings in English (this is from a Japanese anime) so it’s really fun getting to sing along with such a kick-butt song.

It’s You by Super Junior. This is a softer more romantic song for the first part with a great tempo; the chorus is my favorite part, otherwise I would probably get bored with it. But it’s truly one of my favorite KPop songs. I love all the vocal work in the chorus and the melody and beat. And then some English to sing along with!! ^_^

I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys. Please ignore how EVERYTHING IS SO RIDICULOUSLY CHEESY IN THIS HILARIOUS 90’s MUSIC VIDEO. XD No, actually, enjoy it and a get a good laugh out of it. ANYWHO as to the song itself…I love it. It’s almost embarrassing how much I love this song. I just….I just really like this song. XD


I Wan’na Be Like You sung by Fall Out Boy. My friend Grace turned me on to this song and I’ve loved it ever since. I don’t generally like Disney songs when they’re re-recorded by bands, but wow. This is the exception to the rule because dang. It’s SO ADDICTING AND FUN. I kinda loose it at 2:05 for the rest of the song.

If I Were A Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof. This movie is actually almost like a family treasure to me and it has some wonderful songs! I especially love this song; singing with Tevye is just one of the most enjoyable things to do. ❤ And I totally feel the song LOL. Don’t we all wish we had a little bit more money. XD

I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady. I’ve only seen this film once and it wasn’t a favorite of mine. But. BUT. I’ve never been able to forget this song. If I was going to share one song from this musical, it would be this. Just, so so beautiful. ❤

Dang, I think this was my longest post yet. If anything, it just really shows how wide my tastes are. XD


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