ABC Challenge || “H”


The Heart Wants What it Wants by Selena Gomez. I wrote AN ENTIRE BOOK to this song because I just loved the sound of it so much. Plus the emotions matched exactly; utter heartbreak and angst. Selena’s voice is just beautiful in this song and you can hear the pain in her voice. ❤

Hold Tight by Madonna. I LOVE the tempo and rhythm work in this song, just wow I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s also incredibly similar to Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie, which I adore to death. So I really appreciate having a similar sounding song to listen to. However, I really love Hold Tight’s lyrics; I personally really connect with the message so that just makes it extra special.


Hide and Seek from Finding Dory. I’m just really in love with Thomas Newman’s music in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. I love this playful track! Love that pizzicato!

Hyouri from Bakemonogatari. I’ve also shared this song before, but I will just never get over how haunting it is. I also wrote much of my book to this song while on repeat. So dangerous and delicate sounding all at once.


The Hooded Man by Peter Gundry. Breathless and haunting and mysterious; The Hooded Man is the perfect name for this song. I love the vocal work, the delicate harps, the strings; it’s just very haunting and beautiful!


Happiness by NeedToBreathe. I was literally only just introduced to this song two days ago, but I’m so happy I can include it! Definitely one of the best songs I could include in this song!! Utterly addicting, excellent tempo and rhythm, and fantastic chorus work! Just wow, I love it!

Heartbeat by Beckah Shea. Here’s another song I’ve listened to religiously while racing to get to class on time on my bike. Tempo and interesting percussion work, you might have noticed, is often very important to me and often one of my hooks to giving songs a full listen through. This has a VERY STRONG percussion and tempo and when I running late and trying to make a bus, I’d flip this song and start riding as fast as I could. The song kept my stamina and pedalling up as long as I remembered to breathe right. XD


The Hairbrush Song from VeggieTales. Haha, I just had to. XD

Hakuna Matata from The Lion King. IT’S SO CLASSIC. HOW CAN I NOT SHARE THIS. #childhoodagain.


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