ABC Challenge || “D”


Dangerous Woman (A Capella) by Ariana Grande. Wow, this woman can sing. Her air guitar singing is super cute and adorable at the end too. But I soooo much prefer this song a capella. You can just hear the raw vocals. I don’t get the bunny suit, but that really doesn’t matter when you have a song like this.

Dracula by Bea Miller. I really like Bea Miller, I love several of her songs a lot!! I like this one because it totally owns how we all kinda want a bad boy at least once in our lives. The difference this song has in comparison to other “I want a bad boy” songs is that it’s totally for fun!


Decretum from Madoka Magica. Wistful and sentimental and beautiful; the perfect accompanyment to the tragic magical girl tale of Madoka Magica. ❤

Dragon Boy from Spirited Away. This is one of the most memorable tracks from Studio Ghibli’s archives. The opening tinkle of the piano, followed the grand blast of horns; the following bit of tension and oriental mystery is awesomely wonderful for the backdrop of the spirit world of Spirited Away.


Dream of Flying by Brian Crain. I would love to learn this song by Brian Crain. Just wow, pure piano can sometimes really capture the emotions best! This is a slightly longer song, but it really does make me think of flying!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies sung by Pentatonix. This might one of the most unique renditions of the Christmas classic, and one of the most magical! Pentatonix is always amazing, but its super cool to hear them create a song without any actually singing. It’s all pure melody!


Dreammaker by Thomas Bergersen. LONG time favorite of mine. I love it’s gradual build into a pure epic.


Dixie Biscuits by Tape Five. BECAUSE BIG BAND IS KIND OF ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE. I’ve listened to this while biking to school and back because the tempo helps me pedal at a great steady speed! Plus it repeats realy well.

Dope by BTS. I love Kpop so it’s about time I include it in this challenge. This is one of my more recent favorites. I love the music video because, wow. Such rad moves synchronized so perfectly. And that horn. I have no idea what they’re singing about but ugh, I love it anyway.

Dulaman sung by Celtic Woman. This is a looong time favorite of mine. Just wow, what a goregous song.



Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music. Such a classic!!!


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