ABC Challenge || “C”


Can’t Feel my Face by The Weeknd. I really really really love this song. It captures the concept of addiction really well and has such mellow melodic mood to it.


Conundrum from Ori and the Blind Forest. PC game soundtracks count right? 😉 I love this soundtrack so much.This track has such a delicate touch of danger and mystery to it that’s delicious to listen to.


Caribbean Blue by Enya. I don’t know if Enya counts as classical ( might actually replace this genre for something more specific to my tastes) but this song is very classic. It’s an Enya staple, and absolutely gorgeous.


Captian Black from Mediascore. Because pirate music as always the best thing ever.


Creepy-Crawly from Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon.This gives me strong detective vibes and I LOVE IT. Where’s my magnifying glass?


Camelot from Camelot. I love this song; I’ve actually heard the Broadway version more than the film version so that’s the one I’m sharing today. I want to happy-ever-after in Camelot. ^_^ ❤


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